The Best Keyboard Apps to Customize Your Android 2020

Best Keyboard Apps to Customize Your Android 

Nowadays most of the Android smartphones come with the plane and simple looking keyboards and there are no options to customize the look and feel of the android keyboard. Then How to change the look of your Android keyboard? if you have this kind of question and searching for some best keyboard apps then you are at the right place. Today I will share some of the best keyboard app I know with you, So lets us look at the apps.

List of Best Free Keyboard Apps for Android

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

The first app in our list is SwiftKey Keyboard which is one of the best keyword app for android. SwiftKey Keyboard Supports over 150 popular languages, SwiftKey Keyboard uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn how you write and it makes easy typing, SwiftKey Keyboard supports about 80 plus colors, themes, and design and many for features.

2. Cheetah Keyboard - Themes & GIF, Emoji, 3D Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard is one of the 3D Android Keyboard which consists of thousands of themes for your keyboard. Cheetah Keyboard comes with amazing graphics and it is ads free it means it does not contain any type of ads, it has an online dictionary which will speed up your typing, the smart reply feature will suggest a response message based on the message received, Cheetah Keyboard supports voice input feature, it also contains the most popular GIF collections.

Download: Cheetah Keyboard

3. Gboard - the Google Keyboard

Gboard is one of the popular keyboards on Google play store. Gboard includes features like, Glide Typing will make typing faster just by sliding your fingers on the letters, voice typing feature will typing what you dictate, you can search by pressing G on keyboard, Gboard keyboard can search desired Emoji and GIFs you need, Google translate will translate one language to another as you type in the keyboard.

Download: Gboard

4. RainbowKey Keyboard

RainbowKey Keyboard is one of the top-rated keyboard app on Google play store which is rated at 4.8 ratings and provides some of the best features. RainbowKey Keyboard provides lots of different fonts keyboard, you can set your own photo as the keyboard background, smart keyboard feature will auto correct and can predict the next word, Gesture typing is supported in RainbowKey Keyboard and more.

5. Go Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs

Go Keyboard consists of more than ten thousand colorful themes and over a thousand emojis. Go Keyboard includes word correction which finds the wrong word and corrects the word, supports a hundred popular fonts, gesture typing, voice input and more. 

Download: Go Keyboard

6. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input is an app which allows you to handwrite text, whichever word you handwrite on the screen will be typed and it also supports voice input. 

7. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey Keyboard is another best keyboard app for Android with more than 3200 emoji and over 50 themes. It provides about fifty typing sounds, gesture typing, different typing effects, more than fifty languages supported in FancyKey Keyboard app. You can download FancyKey Keyboard app from Google play store.

Hence these are some of the best keyboard apps for Android. If you know any other best keyboard apps feel free to share with us.

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