How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

How to Make your Android Battery Last Longer

There is no limit to the development of technology day by day new inventions are coming. Due to this development of technology, it is available to all the users. The beauty of the technology is technology never discriminate between the users it will work same for everyone. one of the revolutionary inventions of technology is smartphones. These days smartphones have become a most important tool in everybody life and almost everybody uses these days. And smartphones are available at different at affordable prices this made everybody use this tool and these are available with the different features that suit everybody at affordable prices. But almost everybody faces the same problem that is the battery life of the android phone. 

These smartphones drain the battery fast however you use the battery won't last for a day and these days smartphones are coming with the good battery capacity but their battery life is almost one day and then you have to charge your smartphone again. So we like share the information about saving the battery life your smartphone so that you can use it for some more hours.

7 Essential Tips To Maximize Battery Life of  Your Android

So we would like to share some simple techniques to save the battery life of your Android phone. Let us go in detail with the techniques.

1. Keep your Android phone brightness as low as possible and don't set brightness in adaptable brightness(auto brightness) mode

Your Android smartphone uses a lot of battery to the screen usage when the screen brightness is more the smartphone battery drains very fast so avoid keeping the high brightness of the screen. By keeping the low brightness you can save the battery on the phone. you will be surprised when you get to know how much battery it is using. to know this you open the settings and select the battery option there it will be available.

2. Turn off the data connection when you are not using the internet

As mentioned above internet usage will use the large part of the battery of the android phone. you can observe that when you are using the internet the battery will drain faster because the signal strength is twice of the normal signal strength to use the internet in a sufficient manner and turn off the data connection after you are done using the internet, this will save a lot of battery for the further uses. If you do not turn off the data connection some of the apps will use the internet in the background. so do turn off the data connection after the usage of the internet.

3. Stop all the applications which are running in the background.

Use of more applications also uses a lot of percentage of the battery of your android phone. when you run more applications on your android phone automatically the phone uses more battery so do not open and use the mobile applications unnecessarily.after using the applications abort them otherwise the applications will be kept on running in the background and uses a lot of battery. So after using the applications clean your RAM, this will save the battery.

4. Don't turn on the options like wifi, Bluetooth, location etc

A lot of users do this simple mistake every day they will simply turn on the options like Bluetooth, wifi, location. Do not turn on them unnecessarily because the android phone will take a lot of battery to run those applications. Use them when it is needed and turn off them after the usage or else it will use a lot of percentage of battery.

5. Do not install the applications related to battery saver

Many people install battery saver applications but I think it is foolishness because the battery saver applications will use the battery to run on the Android phone and they are continuously running in the background so these apps will use a lot of battery and drains it fast. so don't fall into that trap my suggestion is to completely avoid using those applications. This way you can save a lot of battery on the android phone.

6. Remove unwanted screen widgets and do not keep live wallpapers

Guys do not think that screensavers and live wallpapers do not use the power they are the ones which will run all the time they use the maximum power as I said on the top in screen brightness section.So be aware and keep simple wallpapers and only selected widgets so that you will save a lot of power on your smartphone. so guys avoid using live wallpapers and widgets on your screen keep them as less as possible

7. Use the chargers that are provided to your android

Yes, it is true use only the chargers that are provided when you buy your phone because the company will provide the charger with specific capacity that will suit the battery provided to your phone. By charging with that charger the efficiency of the battery will not decrease suppose if you use other android phones chargers it will damage the battery .so do use the provided chargers do not use the other android phone chargers regularly

By these simple techniques, you can increase the battery life of your android phone and you can use efficiently. I hope these tricks were helpful.
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